A sixth benefit of our ministry is for the local churches we serve as we are training lay leaders in the church. Recognizing that not all persons are called to be biblical counselors, Truth in Love desires to equip lay leaders, deacons, and elders in the church in their personal walk with Christ. Some of these key persons will be specifically trained to oversee the lay counseling ministry in the local church, but not do the actual work of counseling. It is important that lay counselors and counselees have someone with authority to whom they can turn for support and pastoral care. For this reason, Truth in Love will empower leaders in the church to oversee the ministry without having to do day-to-day counseling duties.

Initially, TIL sets up a biblical counseling/discipleship ministry in the local church. Then TIL trains members of that church to do the work of ministry. Eventually, TIL’s goal is to leave that ministry to the local church.

A seventh benefit is for the pastor and the local church to have a viable outreach and inreach ministry in the church. The NANC certified counselors in Truth and Love Ministries will travel to local churches to help them to establish lay counseling ministries of their own. For one day each week, our staff will travel to the local church, conduct biblical counseling sessions, and then teach a NANC training course in the evening to lay persons in that local church. This plan will allow a lay counseling ministry to begin in the local church – again, with the idea that eventually the church will take over the ministry and Truth in Love will back out of the ministry. The church will have lay leaders trained by this time to oversee the ministry and Truth in Love will act as consultants if needed.

The pastors to whom I have shared the vision of TIL love it. It helps them to fulfill their calling to preach the Word and to help the members of their local church to grow in Christ.

Our desire is to strengthen the local church. In Matthew 16:18b, Jesus Himself said, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.“***

I ask you to partner with us through prayer and financial giving to enable us to help more local churches around the world as we begin to train pastors around the globe!

*** – The Holy Bible : English standard version. 2001 (electronic ed.). Good News Publishers: Wheaton.














– Mark (doing my small part to strengthen local churches worldwide)