Watch tv for a week and write down every time you hear the word “sin” mentioned on any show! You likely will not hear that word at all during the entire week. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the word “sin” is deleted from the English dictionary one day in the distant future.

Recently, I did hear political analyst, Mr. Fred Barnes, on a political show say the word “sinful” which is a word I RARELY hear on tv and when I do, it’s wrongly used or joked about sarcastically.

It was shocking to hear on tv and the other political analysts laughed at him. It was NOT shocking to hear that word from Mr. Fred Barnes who is a committed Christian. In fact, I have attended a worship service with him and have heard him speak to a very solid congregation of biblical Christians!

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by politicians or tv personalities’ Christian comments?

-Mark (wishing our culture would begin to acknowledge God and His Word in the public arena)