The Shaw family relocated to Indiana this week and the outpouring of love we received from Faith Church in unloading our truck, setting up beds, moving furniture, and providing meals blew Mary and I and our children away! We are so grateful to be up here in Indiana with a faith family that serves sacrificially – doing the hard things! It was a great testimony to our neighbors to see foreigners from Alabama have 30+ friends unload our moving truck. Our neighbors came over, curious about all of the people, and discovered it was the body of Christ at Faith Church in Lafayette who were loving us well.

I am so optimistic about the Vision of Hope program and the possibilities of other program developments in days ahead. Stay tuned for more news in the next few months.

Special thanks to Pastor Rob Green and his wife, Stephanie, for their leadership, encouragement, and love to our family. We had a difficult trip up and I’ll blog that another day, but they made everything smooth and stress-free when we arrived in Indiana.

-Mark (love the example of the body of Christ already evident to us in Lafayette, Indiana, at Faith Church –