In biblical counseling, we deal with sin issues of the heart that are spiritual in nature.

If an issue is organic – meaning it has a physical cause –  we do NOT address it. We send the person to a medical doctor for a medical evaluation. Sometimes, a physical problem may be causing bizarre behavior and thinking since the physical and spiritual are connected!

It is so great to work with godly physicians who practice real medicine. Dr. Logan Casey in the Cahaba Heights area is a caring general practitioner that we recommend to our counselees. Finding a good doctor can be difficult these days. Dr. Casey is a rare find because he is competent and compassionate and Christian.

Again, in biblical counseling, we want people to be under the care of a primary physician for physical issues and medication issues.

We deal with “heart matters” in the spiritual realm. The “heart” we deal with is the inner, spiritual person’s attitudes, motives, desires, thoughts, and passions that lead to actions and emotions. We are caring for the souls of men as we seek to watch the Lord reconcile them to Himself.

-Mark (looking to the Great Physician for the healing of souls)