Recently, someone heard a “Christian therapist” say on a national radio show that the church is not equipped to deal with the “blended family issues” that he “specializes” in “treating” – on an on – which is essentially why churches need to hire him and his services! Ugh!
In contrast, I want to be clear. The message the Lord has laid upon my heart is that there is a competent believer of the Lord Jesus Christ sitting in the church who is (or can be) equipped to minister to someone with “blended family issues” and that they don’t have to see a so-called “expert” and pay money for it when that money can go into the faith family to meet real needs.
In listening to this, I was simply struck with how this therapist on the radio has the wrong message because it’s not Christ-centered and not Gospel-driven but is selfish. Can you see that?

I thought to myself: “I hope Christians hearing this can see through this wrong message of self rather than Christ” but I have my doubts that Christians can. If you can, post a response and let me know!

No one needs Mark Shaw but all need Christ. I’m not the expert. I told my 9 year old that and she said “Jesus is the expert!” I agree with her! Let’s get this message right: people need Christ and His body which is the church not some “expert” guy who claims to have more knowledge and expertise because of worldly, psychological training. The Bible is God’s Word. God did not inspire unbelievers like Freud, Jung, Skinner, Maslow, and Wundt to write their man-centered theories!

-Mark (God is in control and He is the only truth and love any of us need!)