In May, you will likely have an opportunity to attend an academic graduation ceremony. Let it be a reminder to you that the only “graduation” that really matters is the one from this life into eternity. Graduation can be defined as “to advance to a new level of activity” according to the American Heritage Dictionary. Every person is appointed a time to die (Eccl 3:2) and everyone’s soul will live either in eternal torment as punishment for their sins OR in eternal bliss if they are trusting in Christ to have bore their punishment for them according to Jesus in Matthew 25:41-46 and John 3:16. 


Let me ask you an important question: When you die, will you “advance to a new level of activity” (definition for graduation) in heaven or hell? Stated in a different way, when you die, will you “graduate” into heaven or hell? This is the only “graduation” that really matters.


Pray to the Father, ask Him to forgive you, repent, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for eternal life.


-Mark Shaw (looking forward to being with Him in the new heaven and new earth by His grace alone)