Think about it – According to the Bible, the entire human race began in the first chapters of Genesis as God created Adam from the dust of the earth and formed Eve from the rib of Adam. These first two people were married by God and then they produced offspring which includes ALL human beings according to Scripture.

Therefore, we are all brothers and sisters in the sense that we can all trace our roots back to Adam and Eve. “There is one race of people divided into distinct groups” says Ken Ham at

All of this talk of different races is a worldly idea that produces division. We are all one single race with different shades of skin! Yes, we look different on the outside since human beings have different amounts of melanin that determines skin color, but there is NO difference on the inside of the “species” of human beings.

I get tired of hearing about the different races of people. There are different people groups but not different races. Secular scientists agree that there is only one race of people! The differences between people is cultural not physical.

I hate racism! God looks at the heart not at the skin color on the outside (I Sam. 16:7). We must do the same!

One more thing: racism was exacerbated by the theory of evolution which degraded some people groups by comparing them to monkeys. It is very sad indeed… and wrong. It’s another reason to reject that hateful theory and believe the Word of God.

I love the Bible because God’s Word demonstrates His love for all people groups regardless of skin color. Christians who support missionaries across the world understand that people have an eternal SOUL that must be saved regardless of the outside color of skin. I am grateful that missionaries believe that people are the same and have the same need for a Savior in our Lord Jesus Christ.

For more on this subject, I recommend you go to: for more information.

-Mark (proud to be a brother of my darker-skinned and lighter-skinned brothers & sisters; I’m also glad to be united with all people in one race: the human race – we all need Jesus to save us from our sins)