“Think on These Things” is a program with host, Charlotte Thornton, who asked me to serve Christ with her on a weekly television program in Birmingham, AL. The program debuted last Saturday and will continue weekly at 2 p.m. Central Standard Time on channel 47.

If you cannot watch local B’ham tv, you can also listen online at www.gleniris.net. Birmingham radio also airs the program on channel 91.9 FM which is Glen Iris Baptist’s station. So there are lots of options to listen or watch the program.

Today, we will be discussing a case study about a woman who finds out her daughter is pregnant. She is struggling with anger and our goal is to demonstrate how practical the Bible’s teachings are to help this lady to think on the things of God.

I am challenged each week to think about the Word of God and how to minister effectively to someone in the midst of life’s struggles and yet am awed by how much the Bible is relevant to one’s problems. The Holy Spirit enables us to do His Word and to teach the Word so that God is glorified. The gospel message is the only hope for this dying, lost world.

I hope you will watch or listen today!

-Mark (thankful for Pastor Chris Lamb’s leadership and Charlotte Thornton’s commitment to help us all “Think on These Things” – Philippians 4:8)