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Charlotte Thornton-Think on These Things

Biblical counselor Charlotte Thornton hosts a program called “Think on These Things” sponsored by her home church, Glen Iris Baptist Church, with guest Shirley Crowder, who does volunteer to do biblical counseling at her local church. “Think on These Things” airs each Saturday at 2 pm Central Time.

Think on These Things

We enjoy the format of applying biblical principles to real-life situations. Each week, we apply passages of Scripture to each issue we address. You ought to tune in just to find out how practical the Bible is for all of life’s troubles.

Watch “Think on These Things” online at www.gleniris.net – the WGIB network.

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Watch locally in Birmingham, AL on channel 47 on Way TV.

Listen locally in Birmingham, AL on FM radio station 91.9.

We are grateful for the opportunity to proclaim the truth of God’s Word each week and praying that those listening will grow in Christ.