Check out this review at entitled “This book works…” It’s a 5 star review that states:

I’ve struggled for years with drug and alcohol addiction. I was abusing pain killers daily and illegally for about 3 years (OC, LT, Perc, you name it). I have tried several times to quit with no luck. The longest period of sobriety that I’ve had over this time was 2-3 days. I didnt know how to manage the withdrawl symptoms, or the anxiety and depression that come with trying to get sober. More importantly, I couldnt figure out why I was an addict. Science will tell you that you have a disease, and once you have this diagnosis, you almost feel entitled to continue along your path as an addict. I picked this book up 3 weeks ago today, and I havent touched drugs or alcohol since that very day. Not only that, but I no longer have the cravings that used to DOMINATE my days as an addict. Make no mistake about it. Only God can get you off drugs. You can’t, your Dr. cant, and this book can’t do it for you. But this book gave me the tools to learn how to switch my addiction from drugs to God. It also helped to explain my situation from a Biblical perspective. If you’re an addict, and you’re reading this, you need to sit down and understand one simple fact…..YOURE NOT THE FIRST DRUG ADDICT IN HISTORY!!!!! The Bible is full of drunks and sinners. This book helps you see those people in a new light, and see how God worked in their lives as he will in yours. This book enabled me to turn to God to help save my life, my marriage, my job, and my relationship with the Father. This is a MUST READ for a Christian addict.

Wow, I needed a little encouragement and this review gave me A LOT of encouragement! Praise the Lord because all of the glory belongs to Him alone, not to me!

-Mark (glad to see the Holy Spirit is using my book to set captives free, reconcile marriages, and restore family relationships – but most importantly, to help people to know Christ deeply)