The National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC) is sponsoring a biblical counseling training course for the DEAF. ASL stands for American Sign Language and it is one of the most prevalent languages spoken in our country today. I think it’s the third most spoken language in the U.S. behind English and Spanish (but don’t quote me on that- not sure I’m remembering that right).

So I appreciate NANC’s effort to reach out to a very large group that is underserved!

Here’s the NANC email that was sent to me:

Counseling and Discipleship Training
specifically for deaf people is coming to
Plainfield Bible Church, near Indianapolis, IN!

July 11-14, 2010

This conference will be interpreted in ASL and is
exclusively for deaf people and their families.

A wide range of topics will be presented including marriage, parenting, worry and fear, sexual issues, forgiveness, trials and suffering, and life dominating sins, just to list a few!

Learn from a variety of 5 different key leaders in the Biblical Counseling movement who will present 15 different sessions.

Come see how God’s Word is superior to the world’s
philosophies in solving everyday problems.

Forward this on to someone who wants to learn
more about the practical healing of God’s Word!

View the Conference Brochure and Register at

-Mark (excited that anyone who is deaf can dig deeper into God’s Word and learn to help others)