I was so pleased to say to a couple we are helping: “This ministry was created for people like you!”

I said this for the following reasons:

1) They were EAGER to come in to find biblical solutions for their problems!

2) They are having financial challenges as a middle income family with children. Both work in professions that are not highly paid in our society though the professions ARE highly valued. Our ministry is FREE for everyone and many are in situations just like this!

3) They were willing to come in at our CONVENIENCE and not theirs! In other words, they said, “When can we come in?” rather than “Do you have a session available at 7 pm at night on the second Tuesday of the week?” (joke!) What pleased me is that they were willing to come at any time and would take off to do so because they VALUED spiritual growth and biblical counseling!

4) They are Christians trapped in a life-dominating sin situation and reject the lies of Satan! They want to OVERCOME their problems through the power of Christ so we believe they will as God gives grace.

5) They are grateful for the ministry and partnering with us to honor Christ in all things.

-Mark (so thankful to help precious people like this through TIL!)