Interesting observation I’ve had through the years in counseling.

Christians who have truly been victims really do not want to stay that way. They want to be victorious through Christ!

Another observation – those who are not true victims of others’ actions but are victims of their own poor choices or failures to be responsible. In other words, these persons often want to blame someone else for their failures and when they do, they THINK they are victims but truly are not.

Obviously, the above scenarios are not always the case but are simply observations!

Why blog this? Because you and I know someone who is MIRED in self-pity and continue to point their finger at the wrong person or thing as the cause of their problems. Really, this person needs to point the finger at SELF, confess their wrongs to God, repent, and cry out for His gracious forgiveness.

That’s what the Lord would have us all do! Saying “I’m wrong” to God leads to freedom. Saying “I’ve been victimized” when it’s truly one’s own fault leads to bondage. Just read about Cain in Genesis 4:1-16 and see how his failure to repent led him away from the Lord.

There is freedom in Christ!

-Mark (experiencing the freedom God gives me in Christ!)