Rachel Shaw, my daughter who loves to write, wrote a 5-paragraph journal entry about how microscopic cells are similar to Truth in Love Ministries. Read her journal entry below and learn about cells and the similarity to our ministry:

Cells are microscopic organisms that contain different organelles, or tiny structures that help carry out the cell’s functions. Likewise, Truth in Love Ministries, a ministry founded by my father who has a passion for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, started out microscopic – very small. Over the past 5 years, many people “jumped on board,” so to speak, alongside my dad. These people – volunteer counselors – eagerly wanted to counsel others and tell them about Christ and His work He has done in their lives. And if I were to compare the microscopic cells to my dad’s ministry, they [TIL volunteer biblical counselors] would be the organelles who carry out the vital functions.

Truth in Love Ministries and cells have many things in common. The nucleus in the cell controls everything inside the cell including DNA. In the same way, God the Father controls everything in our lives – what we say, think, and do. God is the center of Truth in Love Ministries because He controls what everyone, including counselors, say. Cells also have chromosomes which are tight bundles that store the DNA. Similarly, the Bible – God’s Word – plays a key role in Truth in Love, or TIL, by God showing the counselors what He has to say to them. The Bible is what Truth in Love Ministries teaches to their counselees, which makes the Bible what we are to live by as counselees and counselors. Cells have cell membranes which keep bad things out and keeps the good things in, which protects the cell from any harmful substances. One of the Holy Spirit’s roles is to bring conviction ahowing both counselees and counselors what is sin and to turn away from that sin for the purpose of running at full speed toward Jesus Christ.

My favorite organelle in the cell is the endoplasmic reticulum. The endoplasmic reticulum allows material move from one place to another. So, it is the transportation system. Likewise, the volunteer counselors’ job is to deliver the Word of God to the counselees.

The next cell organelles are the mitochondria and vacuoles. The mitochondria in the cell breaks down the food and releases energy. My father, Dr. Mark Shaw, breaks down and explains the Bible to counselees and to his audience when he teaches to a big group of people. He brings out energy and enthusiasm wherever he’s teaching. For the vacuole side, vacuoles are simply storage areas in the cell. Similarly, Philadelphia Baptist Church, The Church at Brook Hills, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, and Bethel Baptist Church, are four churches who have partnered alongside Truth in Love, acting similarly to the vacuoles. These churches are storage areas that store books, pamphlets, and brochures for counselees to read.

Finally, ribosomes in the cell make the proteins that the cell needs, and they also carry out the instructions given to the cell by the DNA. In the same way, the counselees should do what the Word of God says whether the counselors are telling them or whether it’s their family member.

Great job, Rachel! How fun to see how God’s creation often gives us examples of how we function! God is truly our Creator and Designer of all life!

-Mark (thankful for my sweet, 14 year old daughter, Rachel!)