These are exciting times for this ministry! It is my joy to announce to you that Mr. William Dill is our new Regional Director in the Birmingham area. Bill and his precious wife Beth Dill have been serving as biblical counselors for almost 5 years at their home church, Bethel Baptist Church in Moody, Alabama. Bill is almost finished with his certification process with IABC.

Since I am relocating to Lafayette, Indiana, our board of directors wanted Truth in Love Ministries to continue operations in the Birmingham area. My leaving the area offers others in our ministry to step up and use their gifts for the glory of God. That has already been happening in a greater way since my announcement and more details will be forthcoming in days ahead.

For those of you in the process of IABC certification, we will continue to help you pursue that end. For those of you wanting training in biblical counseling, we will be offering a FALL course in biblical counseling. For those of you who have someone you know who would like free biblical counseling, you can send them to Truth in Love Ministries for counsel as we have expanded our days and locations for biblical counseling.

Bill Dill has already begun to expand this ministry in this area of Alabama and I haven’t even relocated fully yet! Bill and Beth are blessings and we are grateful that he retired and is able to dedicate himself to the Lord’s work through Truth in Love Ministries. Great days are ahead for this ministry! Watch and see what the Lord will do!

Please pray for Bill and Beth as they shoulder a heavy load during transition. Thankfully, Ronny, Mary, and myself are still active and will be supporting Bill and Beth during the transition time. We hope many of you will offer to serve the Lord, too, as Truth in Love Ministries continues operations in Alabama.

-Mark (grateful to the Lord for providing such faithful servants as Bill and Beth Dill with good days ahead for TIL)