Exciting News! Global teaching and training opportunities are on the increase for Truth in Love Ministries, and we are asking for your prayers and financial support.




are partnering together with a like-minded global mission!

Some of you know the backstory but when Dr. Wayne Vanderwier  from OIC was calling me last year, I said to myself, “Lord, please do not let it be Russia…” I knew from our previous conversations that Wayne wanted me to do some teaching for him on addictions, and I knew that he goes to many places around the world. Well, as it turns out the Lord is sending me to Russia; in fact, Wayne has already asked that I travel in years ahead to teach addictions as Module 4 at several of those established training locations around the globe where he has ongoing training relationships.

We love the ongoing training and disciplemaking replication model that Overseas Instruction in Counseling employs because it matches TIL’s mission and passion – to train faithful ones who will train others in biblical counseling and discipleship.

As you may remember, that trip last Fall 2012 with OIC was postponed until April of 2013. But now it has been combined with ANOTHER week of training pastors in module 4 – in St. Petersburg, Russia! So instead of going on 2 separate trips, the blessing is
that I can fulfill both these training needs in one extended trip – saving time and expense.

I will teach for the following Modules with OIC:

  • April 15-18, 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia

  • April 22-25, 2013 in Kemerovo, Siberia

In addition I have opportunities to preach in churches in those areas and look forward to whatever they will ask me to do to serve the Kingdom. (They put you to work on these trips in many churches which is a good thing!)

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You can go to www.discoveroic.org to find out more about this ministry that we are partnering with to get the Gospel out to all nations by training others to be Disciple-Makers through the ministry of biblical counseling! Pastors overseas need training in biblical counseling and they are receptive to it. My passion is for the local church to offer real hope and help to those struggling with addictions because we have the Gospel message of eternal hope!

Mary and I have been working with the Russian translator preparing the powerpoints
and handouts – it will end up with the Russian translation and the English on each slide – and then another one for Siberia – tedious work. It is going well and we are almost finished.

It is time to purchase the plane tickets so we can proceed with visa applications and all the logistical things that need to happen in order for this trip to occur. And here is where your immediate partnership can help us right now. TIL has a cash-flow crunch at this time because much of our funding arrives in the spring and summer months.

OIC has arranged to go ahead and purchase the plane tickets and pay postage for the paperwork (visas etc) and we (TIL) are making arrangements with OIC to reimburse them slowly as we are able to raise the needed funds. We estimate that we only need $1,800.00 for my airfare for this 2 week trip. In addition, with a trip like this, there are some incidentals, too, that we will need funding for.

Another great blessing is that my 16 year old son is raising his own support to go with me on this overseas trip as well. What an opportunity for him! He is going to be a great travel companion on a long, teaching trip like this, and I need his help. He’s a solid young man, plays guitar, and is technologically savvy so he will be a blessing. Mary really wanted to accompany us too, but we have decided it best (with this first Russian trip being 2 weeks long) for her to stay home with our other children. She will possibly go on future OIC trips Lord willing.

Again, the BIG news is that OIC has now combined these 2 teaching trips into 1 trip so that is a great way to be a good steward of time and expenses! The challenge is that the timing of this trip is slightly ahead of when our primary funding arrives so we are in a cash-flow crunch right now.

If you are serious about spreading the Gospel and addressing
drunkenness and addiction issues with the transformational power of
Christ, then please pray for us and these pastors and ministry leaders who will help us fulfill our global mission of

“Making Disciple-Makers by Speaking the Truth in Love – Eph. 4:15”

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this “crunch” request for prayer and support,


-Mark (feeling the “crunch” but knowing God is faithful to provide all that we need to fulfill His Kingdom work)