This may sound harsh at first, but people want to claim that excessive video game playing is an “addiction” but that is not true if you begin with the Word of God.

The Bible says it’s a sin.

Specifically, it’s idolatry, or a false god that they are completely devoted to more than anything or anyone else.

Sadly, any sin causes problems in a person’s life. God hates sin because it separates the sinner from Him and from others who love the sinner.

It’s not a sin to play a video game; however, it is a sin to play for an extended period of time when the person is neglecting to fulfill his/her God-given responsibilities. This is a sin of omission. The real problem is what the sinner is FAILING to do while playing the games, or watching TV, or surfing the internet.

But there’s good news: Confess your sin and ask God to forgive you through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and He will (I John 1:9). Then, when you are right with God, ask others to forgive you and begin repenting (changing your thinking and acting) by fulfilling your God-given responsibilities and you will find blessing. There is an abundance of grace and mercy found in the Person of Jesus Christ!

When we call sin “sin” and not an “addiction,” we find the forgiveness of Christ. Correct terminology is vital to biblical counseling and salvation!

-Mark (thankful the Lord forgives my idolatry and all of my sins – past, present, & future)