I think there are 2 very different models for churches in America today:  an Evangelist model vs. a Discipler model.

Here’s what I mean.

The Evangelist model emphasizes conversions and is wonderful in bringing people to Christ, but deficient in discipling those new converts into strong believers.

On the other hand, the Discipler model emphasizes discipleship and replication and is following the command of Matt. 28:18-20 (the Great Commission). This model is great at strengthening the body of Christ who are THEN supposed to go out and make more disciples of Christ. Conversions will happen with this model, too, so don’t think it’s deficient in evangelism because it’s not.

Christ told us to go and make disciples. I prefer this model to the first model mentioned because it will transform the world.

We thank the Lord that TIL embraces the latter model while still EVANGELIZING the lost! We love replication and multiplication of committed followers of Christ. 

Actually, the Discipler model ends up with more converts than simply an Evangelist model in about 10 years or so!

-Mark (awed by Jesus’ model of discipleship of 12 men that has revolutionized the world)