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While the title line, “up from the grave He arose” can be applied to Jesus, I was thinking more about me! “Up from the grave I arose!”

Wow, it’s been an eventful 2 weeks. A wonderful trip that refreshed us spiritually (my wife included with the TIL folks who went) and then the night we return, we are beaten down physically with the swine flu. Ouch! I also had the most uneventful birthday I’ve ever had – sick in bed – but I thank you all for your birthday wishes! Your encouragement means the world to me! We all need a “Barnabas” in our lives! (note: Barnabas means “son of encouragement”)

Well, today, Friday is my first day “back” at TIL as I don’t think I could make it a full day before today. Exhaustion! Physically weak though spiritually strong. Today, I feel strong in both the physical and spiritual (by the way, I’ve lost over 20 pounds already and maybe closer to 30 by God’s grace).

I’m glad to be back.  I love to work doing what the Lord has called me to do: preach, teach, and counsel ALL from the very same source, the Word of God. I don’t do any of them apart from His Word and by His Spirit. It’s a blessing that I do not take lightly. Think about that: I get to be in God’s Word all of the time!

Thank you all for supporting our ministry financially. Without your giving, we would not be able to do this at all. Jason and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enabling us to do His work through His ministry: Truth in Love.

-Mark (excited to be off of my death bed and onto living life for the King of Kings again!)