For the first time since 1962 and 1963, life expectancy in the United States has DECREASED two years in a row and the opioid crisis is suspected to be the major factor contributing to this dismal news according to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).

A problem like this appears to be overwhelming to our society but it is not an issue beyond God’s purview and control. God is still in the business of transforming hearts by His grace. I enjoy watching Him work in the counseling sessions I participate in as a biblical counselor. God’s Word and the Holy Spirit work together to change heart desires in those enslaved to addictions of all types. And I get to be the conduit through which God is pleased to work! What a privilege indeed!!!

Let me urge you to prayerfully consider giving to any ministry like Truth in Love Ministries that is on the front lines of the addiction war in the U.S.A. There are many good ministries doing biblical work that you can financially support. TIL is one of them and needs your financial help to continue what God has called and equipped us to do.

-Mark (looking at the opportunity God has given TIL and the Church to provide solutions for the overwhelming problem of addiction)