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An article came out recently on Yahoo – http://news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/20090420/hl_hsn/almost1in10youngvideogameusersaddicted

Please read it.

One thing I found interesting. When comparing gambling to gaming, a person was quoted as saying:

“It’s one thing for a child to fib to his mom about how long he’s played a video game,” Olson said. “It’s another thing to lie to your wife about gambling.”

Oh, really! That’s her standard but what is God’s standard? A lie is a lie is a lie and it’s a sin to lie (violates one of the 10 Commandments). Both people are lying and both are sinning against a Holy God – they just have different consequences in this life! That’s all that’s different. (Note: Sadly, the consequences are the same in eternal life!)

I even like that she said “fib” instead of “lie” when referring to the child’s sin but called the husband’s sin a “lie.” She minimized the child’s sin! She gave the child an excuse! She demonstrated her heart!

Video game “addiction” is a topic near and dear to my heart. Read my booklet on it (available from www.focuspublishing.com ).

I suggest you LIMIT your child’s video game playing to once per week and only a few hours on that day. Get your child involved in positive hobbies like piano, guitar, saxophone, etc. to replace excessive videogaming.

Rarely do you ever hear about an adult getting a high paying job playing video games! It just doesn’t happen! Get your child to read a book instead!

-Mark (angry at the lack of parental discernment in this world – and mine, too!)