Not everyone knows that we provide biblical counseling to children and teens! We are counseling more and more young people and I love it because teens are fertile ground.

They are teachable (most times) and do their assigned homework unlike many adults. In fact, many of our young people who we are currently ministering to, run circles around some of our adults in terms of their child-like faith and even accurate knowledge of the Scriptures!

Recently, we saw an entire family become reconciled to God and each other and the Lord worked through the children! Praise His Holy Name!

It’s a blessing to work with young people and their families! We have over 13 biblical counselors who have a gift of working with children and teens! What a blessing!

One final note: We counsel teens and children as long as their guardians/parents are part of the process! Parents must be willing to meet with us FIRST and be active in the biblical counseling process or it will not be as effective as it could be!

-Mark (thankful to work with young people who sometimes challenge me in my walk with Him)