I switched it on you. Did you know it is possible to do the wrong thing but with the right heart?

For example, someone who wants to help a relative who is addicted to drugs may give that person money with a right heart to help them! However, the problem comes in when the drug addict continues to live in bondage to his/her drug of choice because they have not come to the end of themselves. Their resources for using drugs have not run out yet so they continue to use.

Here you have a situation where someone with a caring heart may be doing a “wrong” thing – please understand giving to someone who is addicted drugs may be a right thing to do depending upon the circumstances and God’s Word. It is not ALWAYS wrong to give to a drug addict but it certainly can be “wrong” in the sense that the person is not being helped by the financial aid.

It’s a good thing that God looks at our hearts! He also looks at our actions so we must be sure to do the “right thing” at all times.

-Mark (seeking to please God at all times with my heart and my actions)