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Good or evil?

What we look at & listen to – affects our outlook and what we talk about. People say the phrase “garbage in, garbage out” and it’s true. That’s why what we put into our brains must be those things that are pure, lovely, true, etc. from Philippians 4:8. We see God glorified in the pure things of this life!

When we focus upon Christ, our outlook is positive and our assurance is positive. When we listen to His Word through biblical teaching and simply reading His Word in our quiet times, we think positively and realistically about Who Christ is and who we are. Biblical counseling is successful when people focus 100% of their attention upon Christ and not themselves, the evil in this world, or upon Satan.

If your attitude stinks today, reflect upon what you are focusing upon and listening to? Is it the lies of Satan and the evil in this world OR is it upon Christ and His grace for you? Purposely set your mind on things above and not on things that are temporal (Col. 3:1-3).

-Mark (basking in the glory of the Lord today and battling the lies of Satan on many days in a fallen, sin-cursed world)