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You may not be aware that Truth in Love has biblical counselors who are equipped to address the following problems in a BIBLICAL manner:

Career Transition Counseling

Marital Counseling

Parental Counseling

Child/Teen Counseling

“Addiction” Counseling (of all types)

Individual Counseling for Anger, Fear, Worry, and Sadness (depression)

Counseling for Men to become Leaders in their homes

Counseling for Women for all types of issues

Financial Counseling

Soon we will likely be offering biblical Counseling for the DEAF as someone recently completed the training program for counseling and is working toward ASL certification!

The Bible speaks to all of these subjects and even more! All of these “services” are provided FREE of charge AND with 2 biblical counselors – not one!

Praise the Lord for His provision!

-Mark (extremely grateful for the wonderful team God is assembling at TIL)