This is purely a thought: What would the SATANIC International Version of the Bible (SIV) look like IF it existed?

Kinda weird to think about I know. I admit it. I’ve had one too many bratwursts today and now my thinking has gone haywire!

My answer is that it would be the exact same version of the Bible that we have EXCEPT that it would be misinterpreted and have wrong commentary notes in it!

Think about it. In Matthew 4, Satan tempted Jesus by MISUSING and misinterpreting the BIBLE to appeal to Jesus’ human nature. It was God’s own words that Satan used to tempt Christ!

How many people today twist the Bible and use it for their own purposes? Sadly, we can all take the Bible and use its meaning to be manipulative and hurtful AND justify our actions & words as the “truth hurts.”

For this reason, as biblical counselors, we must always deliver the truth in love. Not truth and love but truth IN love. There is a difference.

-Mark (glad there is NOT a Satanic version of God’s Word around today)