When our goal is simply to glorify the Lord by being obedient to Him as He leads us by the Holy Spirit in accordance to God’s Word, then there are “by-products” produced.

For example, the “by-product” of seeking to glorify God in your marriage will likely produce more love, joy, and peace in your heart toward your spouse, others, and even the Lord.

Another example: the “by-product” of seeking to glorify God by not using drugs or alcohol will likely produce more patience, kindness, and goodness in your life.

One more example: the “by-product” of seeking to glorify God by not lying but telling the truth at all times produces more  faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

All of these “by-products” are often what most people who come in for biblical counseling are seeking! But they have the wrong goal. Not that this goal is bad, it’s not a bad secondary goal. It’s not a bad desire for these things. It’s just the wrong primary goal.

The primary goal must be to glorify and to please God. When that goal gets right, then the desired “by-products” as I am calling them will be produced.

In reality, these “by-products” are really the fruit of the Holy Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23. The “by-products” are not produced by you but by Him as He works through you when you have the right goal, trust the Lord, and obey Him.

-Mark (enjoying the many “by-products” the Lord has already given me in my life and looking forward to more of them in the future)