Most people think of counseling as lying on a couch, venting and complaining about your problems, and then paying the counselor for your 50 minute visit. But is that what we do as biblical counselors?


Truth in Love Ministries provides biblical counseling and discipleship dealing with a wide assortment of individual, marital, and familial problems.

Our counsel is founded upon the Word of God and delivered in a warm environment by trained, loving Christians; thus, our name is “Truth in Love Ministries.”

We believe that both the Truth of God’s Word and the Love of the Holy Spirit are essential components in our counseling approach. The Holy Spirit is the Wonderful Counselor who works through our skilled counselors who present biblical truths and apply them to your situation so that you can truly be helped. 

It is commonly known that psychology began as an independent disciplinary field in 1879. Wilhelm Wundt is the father of psychology which means “study of the soul.” We believe the Bible and the Holy Spirit are essential resources that are capable of “studying the soul” far better than the ideas of man. Do you agree?

What did Christians do when they had problems prior to the founding of psychology in 1879? Christians turned to the Word of God and the love of fellow Christians through whom the Holy Spirit worked.

Truth in Love Ministries seeks to recapture counseling and discipleship for Christians by equipping church leaders and lay persons to deal with real problems in local churches all over the world. 

We seek to reclaim counseling for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe the Holy Scriptures are sufficient to help us in SANCTIFICATION as well as in SALVATION. That’s where we differ from most entities! We see Christ Jesus as our Savior (for unbelievers, we share the Gospel for them to be saved), SANCTIFIER (which is what biblical counseling is all about for believers), healer, and coming King.

Biblical counseling is evangelism for unbelievers who need to know their Savior and it is discipleship for believers who need to grow in the SANCTIFICATION process. Therefore, we utilize prayer, the Bible, small groups, worship services, and the members of Christ’s church to help us with our counselees.

-Mark (thankful to be a biblical counselor who honors the Lord)