Truth in Love Ministries is all about strengthening Christians. We are daily blessed to see our COUNSELEES and our biblical COUNSELORS grow in their knowledge of and obedience to their Lord and Savior. Both of those groups of people are growing by God’s grace.

To our knowledge, we are a pioneering ministry unlike any other in the U.S.A. though churches everywhere should be doing what we are doing! We seek to replicate ourselves and to “work our way out of a job” in the churches we serve by establishing, growing, and watching the Lord bless a TEAM lay biblical counseling ministry.

We pair lay counselors together to form dynamic tandems for ministry! We often pair an extremist who speaks the truth but not always in a loving manner WITH an extremist who tends to be loving while sometimes omitting the important, hard-hitting truths that must be said. We find that most people err on at least one of those two sides so we pair counselors together to do the work of ministry effectively.

So far, we’ve had amazing results as we’ve watched the Lord do His work through willing vessels. God does not require a seminary degree to do the work of biblical counseling. Lay people are equipped by our training classes and are given opportunities to learn with hands-on experience. The Holy Spirit is the wonderful Counselor in our ministry and our job is to point people to Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Be a pioneer and join the excitement. Call us today about getting on our list to take the next biblical counseling course. You will be surprised at how much you learn about the Bible and its practical use in our lives. Call Jason at 205-910-9221 or Ronny at 205-910-0085 to sign up!

You can also give financially to our ministry as we depend totally upon the support of God’s people. We do not desrie to accept insurance nor do we charge the hurting souls that we serve. We truly are “faith-based” as we receive no grants, state funding, or federal funding. God has provided abundantly in our ministry in terms of the inner workings of our organization: stafff, volunteers, administrative volunteers, etc. We are praying that God will provide abundantly in the area of finances, too, in His timing – and He may do so through you. Please pray about giving to this unique and extraordinary ministry. Donations can be made online.

Our job is to keep our eyes on Jesus! We seek to glorify Him in all we do! We ask you to partner with us by either taking a class or giving to TIL financially.

-Mark (marveling at God’s provision for His ministry called Truth in Love)