Have you ever spent time wondering why we spend so many countless hours online visiting search sites like google or yahoo, looking for answers?  Have you found yourself engaged in a conversation with someone discussing a topic you know little about?  This feeling of inadequacy can leave you dumbfounded and insecure.  So, where should we turn when we have questions?  Does a certified professional really have ALL the answers?

There is a significant difference between worldly reasoning and counsel that comes straight from the living word (Hebrews 4:12) of God.  Is it possible to counsel someone with advice that seems appropriate and reasonable and yet is contrary to God’s word? Of course!  And this is done day in and day out when we do not consult the Bible to find out what God has to say on a given matter.

Whenever we teach, counsel, or share a word of encouragement, we must be very careful that the words we share are indeed from the Lord and are not just based on our own thinking.  Otherwise, we could become a false prophet (Deut. 18:20-22).  God has promised to stand by every word He has ever spoken (Isaiah 55:10-11). When we share a word (scripture) that is from the Lord, we can do so with utmost confidence.

So the next time you consider consulting a professional regarding a given subject, take time out and pray.  God loves you and He alone possesses ALL the answers.  He is the mighty Counselor! Let His word take root in your heart and bear fruit that lasts!

Standing on the Word of God (and nothing else),


Trends in pyschology and philosphy come and go, but God’s word is Timeless.