Honestly, would you go to your pastor for counseling advice for marital, parenting, or individual problems like depression, anxiety, and the like? Would you go to a church leader (elder or deacon)? Would you turn to a trusted Christian friend?

Or would you prefer to go to a non-Christian psychiatrist who may give you some good ideas yet would NOT turn your eyes to see a loving Savior Who understands your hurt, rejection, and struggles? The unbelieving psychiatrist or psychologist would NOT pray with you, direct you to pray with your spouse, direct you to the life-giving Word of God, or even recommend that you attend church to fellowship with like-minded believers.

Can you see why biblical counseling exercised out of a local church body is so necessary? Can you see why we started this ministry?

Over the years, I have personally witnessed so many “turnarounds” in situations that appeared to be “hopeless” yet God moved in the hearts of His children to repent, forgive, overcome, and reconcile with others and with Him. There have been lots of fruitful days in this laborious ministry of biblical counseling over the years. Our confidence is in the Lord to bring about real change – we are not confident in our techniques or knowledge alone. We rely totally and completely on the Holy Spirit!

We take no credit for the successes in this ministry. We are merely willing, obedient, and submitted vessels unto the Lord. As Paul David Tripp says, we merely are “instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands” to be used by Him to bring healing to hurting souls for His glory!

-Mark (privileged to serve the Lord, Whose Counsel Stands Forever – psalm 33:11)