Where will transformation of Birmingham and our nation come from?

Politics? Not likely. Look at our current mayoral mess and the debt in Jefferson County.

Social organizations and civic groups? Not likely. Good hearts but they often do not point people to Christ.

Mental health? Not likely, it has not helped so far. Look at recent tragic events. Is secular mental health really effective? Debatable.

Here’s the only answer for transformation of hearts and families and marriages and the community: The church of the Lord Jesus Christ led by the Holy Spirit in obedience to the Word of God.

The church is the answer. Jesus said Himself in Matthew 16:18 that He will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

So why do we send people to secular groups for help for addictions and send people to secular, mental health personnel for help when Christ and His GOSPEL is the answer and the church proclaims that message?

I speculate that we don’t really believe that the Gospel is the transforming message that the Holy Spirit uses to change hearts and lives PERMANENTLY.

There is no other answer. Christ alone. That’s the answer.

Do you believe the same Christ Who SAVES you is the SAME Christ Who sanctifies you?

That’s why I LOVE the church of our Lord Jesus Christ and I love Truth in Love Ministries because we are actively helping to STRENGTHEN churches by replicating disciples of Christ, counseling people using the Word of God, and lifting up Christ.

-Mark (praying that God’s people will continue to support Truth in Love with prayer and financial giving)