You may be wondering, “Why is Mark so strongly blogging about psychological lies this week?” Maybe you think I need to chill out.

I must tell you why! Because I think the #1 enemy facing the CHURCH today is psychological heresy and psychobabble.

We hear a lot about abortion, stewardship, adultery, and divorce because Christians know what the Bible says about those things. However, we RARELY hear about the dangerous deception of psychological ideas in evangelical churches today. Rarely! That’s why I believe it’s a #1 problem – because very few recognize it as a problem.

Some are thinking: “Mark, you are making a big deal out of nothing.” Again, that proves my point!

Brothers and Sisters, we are woefully deficient in battling the lies of Satan and this world because they feed our flesh. In other words, these lies make sense to us so we believe them but they only make sense in the flesh – not in the Spirit and not when compared to the Word of God. That’s why you need both the Word and the Spirit to defeat these lies.

Do not think Freud, Skinner, Adler, Maslow, and Piaget are your friends and are more wise than the Word of God. Do not think that we must have these men’s ideas to improve upon the Word of God and where it is supposedly deficient. I will challenge you in this: the Word of God is NOT deficient when it comes to the problems of mankind. God speaks to the heart and deals with the heart in His all-sufficient Word of truth.

Is “hate” a strong word? Yes.

Do I “hate” psychological lies? Yes.

A righteous, loving God hates these lies, too, because He knows these lies lead you away from Him – the only true source of hope for this dying world. He is our God Who is love (I John 4:8) and real love hates the lies of Satan and this world.

-Mark (learning to hate what God hates & love what God loves – His truth)