I know pastors who would NOT attend their churches if they were not the pastor! Isn’t that amazing?

Some of these guys are only there either because they believe they are called there or they are simply in it for the money (which is really crazy since there isn’t a whole lot of money in ministry, unless you are the senior pastor of a LARGE congregation, not an assistant pastor of a big church, please understand).

Some of these guys are on staff as pastors. There are many workers in churches who do not attend the church that employs them but simply work as maintenance, nursery workers, and the like. They get a paycheck and go home. So how’s that sound for a calling to ministry and for a church who says they are their to glorify Christ and to help others? Does a mere paycheck insure that an employee is going to honor Christ and uphold the good reputation of the church when the employee is NOT a member there and it’s just a job?

I think we need to examine ourselves in the American church today and evaluate if we are a business or the body of Christ.

-Mark (thankful for the few faithful men who are leading their congregations)